Baby Rythm

Every Tuesday morning 9.30 there is “Baby Rythm” in the local church. In practise 10, somewat embarrased, mothers and fathers (6/4) clapping their hands an moving around in baby-like motions for 30 minutes.

In the junior group, where Ilse and I participated this morning, most of the children semms mixed in their feelings from scared (possibly from seeing their parents) to reuctantly amused.

The older children are absolutely thrilled (Ebba-Stina is up tonight) and everything has to do with – Mats!

Mats (sorry if you should ever read this Mats), is a somewhat over wheighted, bearded phenomenon, dressed in work wear pants and T-shirt.

Mats is sincerely a true phenomenon in my eyes. With an authority that would make any company board listen and at the same time the sort of carisma that makes both children and grown ups just feel great. The most stunning thing to me is that what brings him out of bed every morning is to entertain young children and not the least motivate them to entertain themselves!

The rumor around the fika table afterwards (of corse there is fika) is that Mats has got an offer that he can’t resist, from the commercial world!

Mats has got a permanent contract with “Astrid Lindgren’s World” and will move to Vimmerby in May. A true loss to the community of Lunby, but a big chance for Mats. I’m 100% sure he’s not doing it for the money, he’s not that type of guy. Maybe he just wants to do what he is good at in a professional format, what do I know…?

Now I have to go. Ilse is Waking up from her 2,5 h nap! That is a “baby rythm” that you could get used to as well!

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