Sun is shining anyway

OK, “The Coffee Machines” are out from the playoff. If you loose with 4-1 in games you are simply not worth it.

Anyway, the sun is shining today and its a fantastic day for picking reed out at Arendal.

The births are pepared fo the boats to arrive in the leisure harbour and the eiders have arrived.

It is hard to believe if you are there in November, but on a day like this Arendal os actually beatiful. A combination of material handling, marine commercial and marine leisure. Probably it is only someone working at Volvo Penta seeing the beauty?

Today it was a full day EEM meeting. I can’t say I missed it very much!


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One Response to Sun is shining anyway

  1. MFOL says:

    Hej dear Bjuve,

    Happy to see that you are enjoying your “time off”. Also happy to see that Indians aren’t the only ones that ended the season too early. Looks like Ilse enjoying it as well. Nice day by the way.


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