Getting out there…..

Today I had a fantastic morning walk with the dog. Clear blue sky and the river was like a mirror reflecting the opposite side of the city, upside down. Normally I meet Asian tourists (they look Chineese to me) on my morning walks or runs. They walk with their hands on their backs and then they stop with their eyes shut on the boardwalk. They really seem to enjoy the quiet pace and the fact that there are hardly any people.

Today there were only other dog owners and the ones realising that the half marathon is coming closer. They ( the runners) doesn’t seem to enjoy the quiet morning as I and the Asian tourists do. Some will never come to the starting line. Some will, but then the question is if they will come to the finish line? On Sunday morning I was out running on the boardwalk with Ilse in the stroller and Edwin (the dog) in a leash, leaving Lotta and Ebba-Stina an opportunity to sleep a little longer (Ilse has another rythm than the rest of the family). I passed a young lady, all read in her face (from running) and she seemed somewhat embarrased from “the overtaking”, but she smiled back on Ilse when she where saying “hello”. 400 meters upstream the dog “had to do what a dog has to do” and the lady passed us and managed to squeeze out another smile to Ilse upon the second “hello” of the morning from the small spectator. Next time we passed she had lost her smile, possibly from the effort or from being passed twice by the same equipage. Never the less, it is very good that she is out there in the early morning. That is what Göteborgsvarvet is about for many of the 60 000 enrolled, getting out there….

Unfortunately there came a cold wind and some clouds around lunch time today. But if you are keen on eating your sandwich outside, you’ll always find a way. The girls occupied the blanket where the dog took his lunch nap, out of the wind, in a gap between the clouds. It is just to get out there….

Edwin doesn’t seem too happy as you can see, but Ilse is always prepared to share her food so he cheered up after the photo was taken.

Tomorrow I have invited my mother in law for dinner. Might sound like a stupid idea to many married men, but it was a long a go I met her and I actually miss her so it will be fun! 🙂


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