Nursing the Marine Commercial Interest

April 17-19 there is the happenig of the year for marine commercial lovers in Gothenburg. The High Speed Boats Operations Forum is taking place at Eriksberg, Hotel 11 and on the water.

Of course did the girls and I decide to honour the venue with our presence. Actually I had to bribe them with fika to convince them to join, but once there they where quite impressed by all the nicely colored Pilot- and SARS boats.

Being pro inboard, there were unfortunately an over representation of outboards. There where even a SARS boat in the 30 feet size with two uggly black refrigerators polluting the stern.

We certainly contributed to the diversity of the event, both in age and gender. High speed boats seems to attract mainly white, young to middle aged men, with hip outfits and navy hair cuts. Like another day at Volvo “so to say”, except for the clothing and hair cuts.

Tomorrow we will report from the “Intermat Light” also taking place at Eriksberg, every day… So stay tuned! Now it is time for the culinary event of the day; Prinskorv (Prince Hot Dogs) and spaghetti.


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