Intermat Light

I understand that Intermat was successful with at lot of good meetings at top level.

Ilse, Ebba-Stina and I do not have many top level meetings. Some interesting discussions in the sandbox, though.

We follow closely the development on the construction sites around Eriksberg and if you went to Intermat just for the show, you could have joined us for a walk with the dog instead (you are welcome any day). We have construction shows every work day from 6 to 16. Most equipment can be viewed in action.

The other day a construction crane was moved from one site to another by an impressive, green Liebherr mobile crane, but the site on this is where the action is at the moment. 3 excavators, 1 drilling machine, 1 compressor and 1 pump set. All running 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, 45 weeks a year. That is close to 11000 running hours per year, on half a football field. Enough for an old parts guy’s moth to get wet and the neighbours upset.

The girls prefer viewing the show from a distance. Edwin is not interested at all. It’s quite noisy and the dust is travelling with the wind an end up in the eyes. Daddy think itis really fun!



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