Jumping in Puddles

OK, the paternity weather does not develop as visualised, but if you are 15 months (or even 38 years) you can have fun anyway.

Today we had lunch with “the boys” (daddy’s boring friends who just talk about grown up things like boats, cars, vacation plans, ….) at Långedrags Värdshus (not the place where you are allowed to run around). Really, really boring (dessert was OK), although daddy enjoyed to have a “grown up discussion” gor an hour.

On the way back we found this fantastic puddle to jump in. Great fun, compensating for the hour trying to sit still! Now the shoes are drying and we rest on the couch.

Tonight it is “after work” at the neighbors across the street and then Let’s Dance on TV. Ebba-Stina really appreciate the long dresses the girls are wearing, Ilse to watch TV with her biger sister and mum and dad an hour together at the kithen table with a bottle of wine!



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