Real men don’t eat sushi!

This afternoon we finalised the mangement conferance in Prague, which has been very good and inspiring.

Ebba-Stina and I have been looking for the spring in Gothenburg for some time, but I’ve found it here. Today it has probably been 22 degrees and a clear blue sky. I hope winds will come from the south east in Gothenburg this wekend!

Some of us are not going home until tomorrow so Marek, Mirek and Roman took us to a traditional Czech restaurant tonight. Czech people seems to eat much and heavy and they enjoy their food with fantastic pilsner in big glasses (ideal for someone that is preparing for the half marathon in two weeks). Then we have Marek “Martin, are you a real man?” Tunski…..

Of course I ended up with this 200g Stake Tartar, …. as a starter, followed by a “Farmers Feast” as main dish. The side order (yes, there was a side order….., my good) was “Bramborak” (Czech potatoe pancakes).

I haven’t had Bramborak since when I was young(ger) and studied in UK . I had a class mate from Brno, Czech. Every Sunday when it was a Formula 1 race we met and had Bramborak and English lager. We had great fun, but where smelling of garlic until Wednesday afternoon the following week!

Marek was also kind enough to introduce us to Becherovka…., Czech snaps. I wouldn’t survive 1 week doing business in East Europe, but we had great fun!

Tomorrow I’ll be back in Gothenburg for a long weekend with all my girls (Tuesday is Labour Day and Monday is a bridge day in Sweden, so Lotta will be home) and I really miss them.

When I was in Miami some years ago I was in a que on the highway, behind a huge Ford F350 with extended suspension and a lot of accessories. Apparently the owner was of the patriotic kind, because he had a sticker in the rear window stating, “Real Men Don’t Eat Sushi”. I’ll take Marek for sushi next time he is in Gothenburg!

Right now I really considering having sushi for dinner tomorrow, if anything! Probably I end up with a nice steak from the barbecue!


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One Response to Real men don’t eat sushi!

  1. Matteo says:

    This Czech menù it will lower your speed at least 4 second/Km on the next Goteborgsvarvet!
    Did you know?

    Sushi is the future!


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