Scrubbed Knees

Ebba-Stina has been working a while on biking without supporting wheels. Tecnically she’s quite good and balance is excellent, but biking is for sure a frightening activity. She’ll learn to love it, eventually….

At the moment the motivation solely coms from her parents, mainly in terms of bribes. We have ordered a new dress, spent a minor fortune on ice cream and not the least used all the positive coaching techniqes available in the management litterature.

At the moment we are practising on the simple rule; “when it gets scary, we break”. It sure sounds easy and logic to someone who has been biking for some years, but when you are less then five…
, sometimes you just continue pedalling screaming “scary, scary, SCARY!”. That’s when you get knees like this, but luckily there are band aids with Disney Princesses on!


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