The Handy Man

Coming back to Ebba-Stina’s bicycle training. She’s really making progress and today she was going by bike to kindergarten!

It was for sure scary to begin with, but when she arrived and everybody where watching her coming (we were late and Thursdays are excursion day so it was a big line up of fluorescent wests and less happy teachers) she was so proud (me as well).

For us who had the privilege to listen to Kjell Enhager in Prague last week will remember the story of “The Handy Man” we all have within. In the downhill to kindergarten it went quite fast and Ebba-Stina started her “bicycle mantra”; “scrary, scary, SCARY”. I started to instruct her, with both incrasing puls and voice, to “STOP PEDALLING”. Her handy man of corse registered “pedalling”, but not “stop” so she increased the frequency even more until I came to my senses to asked her to “break” instead. Luckily no scrubbeled knees this time, but the conclusion is that management training can be useful also for us on parental leave. Thank you Kjell Enhager!

The weather gurus sats this is the last day of summer weather for this time (hopefully not this year) so Ilse, Edwin and I enjoy it while we can. Now it is soon time for Ebba-Stina to bicycle back from kindergarten, we better team up with her so she doesn’t go on her own!

Today it’s boys night out, so tomorrow will the belowed children hopefully sleep long!?

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One Response to The Handy Man

  1. Lotta says:

    Teaching Ebba-Stina to bike is a real challenge and you are really doing a great job. I understand that both of you are proud.

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