Damn Close to 40

Last Friday I turned 38 years old, accompanied by fantastic songs from all my three girls. 38 seems much closer to 40 than 37 I must say and suddenly the wrinkles seems much more apparent, the grey hair even greyer, …. 🙂

Last night my fantastic wife brought me to a surprise evening with our friends Emma and Christer. We went to the lounge bar at Hotel St Jörgen and had a dinner and listened to Christian Olsson, the lead singer of Fibes oh Fibes (www.fibesohfibes.com). It’s a Gothenburg band doing “Soul Pop” and it was a very nice evening with good music and good friends. Tank you very much dear wife and E&C.

I wish you all a very good working day! Today my mother is here to enjoy her grand children for a day while I prepapre the boat for going into the water. If anybody want’s to buy a Birdie 24, don’t hesitate to give me a call. “I will give you a very special price my friend!”

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One Response to Damn Close to 40

  1. Susanne says:

    Happy belated birthday!!! Enjoy the coming years to the full.

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