Sjöfartmuseet (The Seafarer Museum)

On Friday we went to the Seafaring Museum, where they also have a small aqarium. It is really worth a visit if you haven’t been there. A good exhibition with a lot of fantastic boat models, but also a comprehensive view of the Gothenburg history as a seafarer-, harbour- and ship buildning city.

Ilse were very impressed by the nicely coloured fishes. She is the one more interested by animals of the two girls. Lotta is trying hard with horseback riding, visits to Nordens Ark (The Arch of The North), preserving endagerered spieces (also well worth a visit for adults), zoos, etc. to influense Ebba-Stina, but she keeps coming back to princesses and dresses as interests. White horses can of of course be very nice accessoires for the princes that comes to rescue her and with who she’ll live happily ever after.

I tried to give Ebba-Stina a lecture in how a combustion engine works. She was not particularly interested, but were at least willing to pose in front of the interactive model. She was very interested in the ship simulator (so was I). It is a full scale simulator, same as used for training captains on new ships before entering the bridge for real. We used a this type of simulator when achieving the nederded certificates for drivning the boats at Krossholmen. After a while in a storm on Rivö Fjord (the entry of Gothenburg) both Ebba-Stina and I where a bit sea sick and had to go down to the café for a fika.


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