Mitab is Not Only Selling Spare Parts Across Europe

I’m back at the boat yard today, fixing the remaining maintenance on the boat. On the way for lunch at Torslanda Golf Club (Meta’s home club) I saw this van at at the parking. Apparently Mitab is not only selling spare parts across Europe. They are doing business, taking care of our end customers, locally here in Gothenburg as well.

At the golf club (again a lunch in the sun) I overheard a phone conversation between the local pro and a potential customer.

When I started to play golg some years ago (actually 20, time IS flying) you had to be accepted by the club (normally after some years in cue unless you had good connections), then both a theoretical- and practical course followed, with exams (charged by the club). This customer was approached with a very humble attitude on whether he was considering joining this club after finalising the course. The course seemed to be a cup of coffee with the pro and then playing a couple of holes to show what he could about golf. Everything at the rate of a normal lesson.

It is interesting how some industries are cyclical, like golf and boating. Golf and boating both seems to be at the lower end of the curves. It’s easy to join a golf club and to get a birth for your boat does nor seem as difficult as some years ago. However it will come back. I just hope I’ll sell my boat before next upturn. I actually have a new person interested. He might come and have a look today, so I better get back and continue polishing!


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