Cute Rascal

Ain’t my little Ilse cute. Those eyes will cost a fortune over my life time!

She can be a rascal though and nothing is left alone. Last night she dropped my 70 EURO after shave bottle in the ceramic floor in the bathroom. Glass everwhere and daddy had no problem to hold back on the smile, I can tell. But we have a constant nice smell in the bathroom at the moment.

This morning she woke me up at 7 by smashing my face with the toilet brush. Not a very nice way to wake up in case you wonder…. Well, now we have clean sheets in the bed and I got an immediate shower, so I guess she is forgiven.

Tomorrow comes Ella, our cleaning lady. Ilse has managed to wind Ella around her small fingers and every cleaning session always begins with playing with Ilse.

Last week they where picking autumn leaves from our hedge together, which was a really good activity. The leaves normally comes off in June. If you want a piece if advice, never plant Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) unless you want Autumn feeling during the entire Spring.


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