Thursdays mean swimming with Ilse at lunch time (or rather hugging in the pool as it is “sleep-hour” for Ilse and most excercises are a bit scary) and then with Ebba-Stina in the evening.

Before the two weeks training camp in Portugal in March EVERYTHING with water was scary (except long showers) for Ebbs-Stina. Now, nothing is scary any longer and she is like a baby dolphin in the water. My main task is now to bring her up for breathing now and then.

I borrowed my fathers water proof camera to document the development for Ebba-Stina and her grand mothers. I can tell you that it is more tricky than it seems when reading National Geographic to capture “Kodak Moments” below water. On the other hand, they have never managed to publish a murmaid, which I do now.

It was certainly fun! So if you read this, dear father, it might take another week or so before you get your toy back!


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