Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Running a half marathon is all about preparations. Practicing, eating healthy, sleeping well, keeping the hydration level, etc. You simply can’t be lucky when running and maby that is why I’m attracted to it. Kjell Enhager talked about montain climbing in Prague and that “it will show who is faking and not”. To me it is the same with running competitions.

Today, the girls and I walked the track (at least a part of it) and Ilse made sure that there is no grass on the blue line that mum, dad, Matteo, Suzana or all the rest can trip over.

I talked to Matteo over phone today. He claims he it 70% ready. That probably means that he is much more ready than the rest of the 55000 persons coming to the starting line tomorrow, if I know him right.

At home there is a lot of desinformation about the curent status. Lotta claims she has a soar throat and that she peaked her shape last weekend. She keeps trying to convince Ebba-Stina that I will win, while both Ebba-Stina and I know that mum is in perfect condition and that she’ll beat me with at least 5 minutes.

On Sunday it is “Mini Varvet” and the girls will run, the impressive 250m track. Ebba-Stina will do it for the third time (last year at least 5 laps) while it is first time out for Ilse (we had to lie about her age to enroll her).

Now it is time to go to bed and get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow, oatmeal porridge is the only thing on the breakfast menu and then for lunch, the big secret to success…., pancakes. It is like rocket fuel to a race car for an old controller!


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