Stil Going Strong

Göteborgsvarvet sure is a fantastic event. 55000 runners and at least 100000 spectators that has to travel, sleep, drink, eat and enjoy themselves!

We started off with a cloudy sky and 10 degrees, but finished in sunshine and close to 20 degrees.

I really felt stronger than expected and kept an even pace of 4.50 throughout the race with a finish time close to 2,5 minutes better than promised!

Suzana had a bad breakfast at First G an quit after 11k. Matteo complained about a pain in the back (I wonder what will happen when he gets even closer to 40? 🙂 ), but most important I won over Lotta!!! OK, it is not only she that has been lying about the shape prior to the race , but all in all its a victory that I’ll enjoy for the coming 12 months! 🙂

At the Volvo tent, after the race, we met Olof Persson and he exceeded his ambitions as well and seemed to be very happy! Matteo got a very nice picture of them both, that I’ll not publish here. You’ll have to do with this one of Matteo, Ebba-Stina and Ilse at the race dinner instead. Matteo really has a good hand with children, so after the wedding in September I believe you could ar least expect 2-3 of them in the coming years.

The race banquet meny included Parma Ham, Russian Caviar, Tartinger, Entrecote and Amarone. Next year I’m convinced there will be more of us!


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One Response to Stil Going Strong

  1. Matteo says:

    Sometimes the emotions you feel are much bigger than the results you get … Saturday was one of those moments and the final banquet has relieved the back pain and the sadness of a race run under potential! Thanks Goteborg, Martin and his fantastic ladies!

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