Child Labor

Yesterday me and the girls where moving the lawn of my mother in law, watering the plants, etc. In her eyes I’m “the son in law to dream of” (svärmorsdröm). What she does not know is that I used child labor to clean the terrace! They where quite happy to do it and the reward was the inflatable pool afterwards.

Yesterday we sold our sailing boat. It seems like a nice guy that bought her and it feels good to know she is in good hands. Today the girls and I took Anders Nilsson and his class mates from the managerial training he attends for a boat trip with the Targa 27 at Krossholmen.

We met the new owner and his friend out sailing and it looked fantastic, but it felt a bit sad at the same time. It was a perfect, warm wind from south east in full sunshine. Sailing in Sweden does not get much better and the old Birdie looked beatiful!

Tonight I’ll get the latest gossip in UK from Graham. Yesterday I attended the farewell dinner of Sylva and got an update from HQ. Thank you Sylva, Thomas, Lena and the rest for a very nice dinner and all the best in your new position Sylva. I take the opportunity to state that we do not want any nasty questions from Morher Volvo going onwards! 🙂


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One Response to Child Labor

  1. fia says:

    Du gav oss ett gott skratt, Martin!:) Det betyder nämligen förlossning! Hoppas att det inte var det som skedde på terassen!!

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