Secret Rooms

Today the Swedish defence authority opened up several of the old fortresses across Sweden to the public. It does not happen so often, so there were a lot of people enjoying themselves in the fantastic weather.

The Bjuve family went for a picnic to the Fortress of Oscar II from the beginning f the 20th century. It is a magnificant view over the Rivö Fjord. The guns that are still there, but not in operation, had a firing range of 20 km. That is 2 km past Vinga (last light house) in the harbour of Gothenburg. I would not have liked to be in a battle ship trying to enter Gothenburgat that time.

Ebba-Stina found a treasure left behind by the pirate Omar. He is a sloppy pirate that leaves chocolate filled gold coons behind, wherever we go by boat during the summers. It is actually daddy that steals them when he’s at conferances. I believe Ebba-Stina starts to realise this, but it is equally exciting to look for them when we are out exploring new islands.

Ebba-Stina really stand for the achievement of the day. It is 5km, one way to the fortress and she went there (and back) by bike! OK, we bribed her by the promise to stop at the candy store once back, but anyway….

Last night we has young Jufors over for shrimps and strawberries (not combined) and we had a very nice evening, as always. We really look forward to have you and your family back in Sweden on a permanent basis Martin (nor the least so we can use our terrace more often).

Tonight it is Eurovision Song Contest. Possibly it is not a big thing to Europe, but it is sure so for Sweden and not the least Ebba-Stina. The dresses are more important than the music. We will gear up with popcorn and grilled sausages (entrecote for mum and dad).

Tomorrow it is Mothers Day in Sweden. We have prepared a surprise for Lotta. It is very tricky to keep quiet when you’re soon five years, but we have managed to hide it fairly well!


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