Blogging From 10000 Feet

This morning I had a nice morning run with Edwin while Lotta was maximising the last minutes with the girls for the coming two weeks. Before we left from home Ebba-Stina got a hug from Midna and Henry, her friends across the street. No tears, but close!

These ladies are really used to flying and Ebba-Stina has her procedures with pastilles, chewing gums, etc. to prevent blocked ears. She is even fastening her seat belt before opening the princess magazine. Ilse was using the last energy, running around at the airport and then drinking from the bottle when taking off. It helps with the ears and makes you really sleeeeepy!

Now the “Princess and The Frog” is running on the Ipad and daddy is blogging from 10000 feet. Norwegian has a FUNCTIONING wireless service for free on their flights. Their brand new Boing 737s, apparently financed by a generous US export credit to keep the Boing factories running in the recession, killed City Airlines last week. Maybe they killed themselves, but anyhow it was sad to ser their planes on the ground whe taxing to the runway this morning.

I wish you all a nice week and I promise that you will be able to read from us soon!



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One Response to Blogging From 10000 Feet

  1. fia says:

    Coolt att du ger dig ut och reser själv med tjejerna! Ha det så härligt!

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