Beach Life

We stay at a very good located hotel in the middle of everything. El Senor in the reception claimed it was an hour walk to the beach (I doubt he has ever been there) and suggested that we took the Metro. In true Bjuve spirit we ignored his suggestion and decided to walk instead. It took one hour….., including a nice breakfast down at the harbour. Ebba-Stina was walking most of the way and the rest she was riding on daddy’s shoulders, planning her birthday party in August (we plan that party quite often when we have to think of something positive).

The bech was nice and relaxing also for daddy. Ilse is not that mobile in the sand so I could sit still and build sand castles with them. After a pizza in the shadow Ilse fell asleep and Ebba-Stina and I where spending some time in the water.

When Ilse woke up and had her second lunch we took a return ride in the cable car starting at the port. It is certainly a good opportunity to work on once fear of heights, but gives a magnificant view over Barcelona. Once back, we took another hour or two on the beach, before it was time for the playground again.

Swedish playgrounds are always a bit dull, once you have past the age of 12, but here it is different. It seems like there is always a cafe located in the shadow with a good view over the entire playground. I ordered “un cafe con leche” and planned for writing some post cards while the girls where playing. It turned out differently…. I was running like a ferret (iller) between them. They where exploring all possible ways to climb as high as possible. If Ilse is less mobile on the beach she really lived it out on the playground. My coffe turned cold, but I got an hot hour in the sun. Then daddy had enough and we bought fruit and went back to the hotel for a cooling bath.

When we check out tomorrow they’ll probably charge us for the water damage in the bathroom, but the girls had fun and I got a couple of minutes to myself! Tonight we have been shopping at H&M (the ladies at the kids shoe department are probably still working on sorting out the mess) and then Ebba-Stina and I had tapas at a restaurant, next to another playground…. Ilse where sleeping, I had a beer and Ebba-Stina where playing with some Persian girls. Now Ilse is sleeping in her bed, Ebba-Stina is watching The Princess and the Frog”, again… on the Ipad.

Tomorrow we leave for Madrid with the high speed train, probably more exciting to daddy than to the girls….


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3 Responses to Beach Life

  1. fia says:

    Rolig läsning! Vad härligt ni verkar ha det!

  2. Lotta says:

    Vad fina tungor ni har! Njut nu riktigt mkt av ert äventyr för att citera vår LeMarc sång “aldrig aldrig kommer ögonblick igen, nej inte som de var just då min vän”. Saknar Er å ser fram emot att sés igen.

  3. Monica Jufors says:

    Å, vad det är roligt att läsa vad ni gör för spännande saker.
    Ni har verkligen fullt upp hela dagarna. Ser fram mot att träffa Er snart, längtar !

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