Still Asleep

It was a long day for both girls (and daddy) yesterday so they are still sleeeping. It is actually not strange for the “night owl” Ebba-Stina, but Ilse is approaching a persolal record.

Ilse where not ware of that we where going on vacation, but Ebba-Stina was of course. She has never gone on a “city vacation” before, so I think she was a bit dissappointed at first that it didn’t look like in a small village in Greece.

We went to two playgrounds, had french fries at Burger King, went down to the harbour (where they had the cleanest public toilets I’ve ever seen.) we wathed a yacht exit, had a running contest, watched some bungy jumping (will you jump daddy?) and then went back to the hotel room for a cooling bath.

In the evening we went out for tapas and on the way we watched some of all the street performers that are everywhere here in Barcelona. Ilses favourite was the guys doing huge soap bubbles, while Ebba-Stina and I enjoyed the break dancers in front of the Cathedral.

As you see on the picture, the tapas was very appreciated. Ebba-Stina choosed jamon iberico and gambas al ajillo. Apologise my spelling, but it is good enough to make mum at work very jealous!

Today we’ll hit the beach, followed by a tour in the cable car to the olympic mountain. I’ll check with the girls id they want to do the Aquarium as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if we spend some time on playgrounds and had ham for dinner tonight a well!


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