300 km/h

High speed trains are for sure the future way of travelling. Departuring from the centre of the cities. Easy, relaxed and spacious check in and security control. Plenty of space for luggage (just parked the stoller on the train) and good seats with a lot of space for the legs in air conditioned cabins. Barcelona to Madrid in 2.45, with one stop in Saragoza. Imagine when these trains do 500 km/h instead…. In one word I would define it as “civilised”! Imagine doing the same trip with a low cost airline and be transported like poultry.

Ilse only has one complaint and that is that the complementary earphones does not fit baby ears…

Only China has a wider web of railway for high speed trains than Spain according to Wikipedia. OK, they borrowed some money from us to do it! Possibly that is what Hollande and Merkel should initiate to boost the European Economy, a pan European network. Lend Greece, Italy and Portugal some money to do it and then…

Ebba-Stina is watching, ….. correct “Princess and the Frog” and Ilse is asleep in my knee. Just two “kids aerobic classes left” (90 minutes) …. That is how we measure time at the moment. We have to start practising on the clock!



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