Office Volvo Penta Spain

Today we slept long and then we had breakfast at a typical Madrid cafe (at least no other tourists and everybody seemed to know eachother). I managed to get what I wanted although they didn’t know any english. Ilse where very impressed by the breakfast while Ebba-Stina where in a grumpy mood (we probably let the blood sugar come too much down), so we needed to do some shopping to get the spirit up in the group. We found a place with cheap stuff that had a liquidation sale where Ebba-Stina could re-create the feeling of shopping with her grandmother Monica, i.e she could get what ever she pointed at. It made her really happy (and myself concerned for the future) and we could continue the day in good spirit! We actually managed to do some shopping for daddy as well after that.

Then we took the Metro to meet our friends at the Spanish office for a lunch with Sonia and Jose. Sonia had brought some toys to work and prepared some Hello Kitty pictures to fill in for the girls. Sonia really has a good eye for children and baby girls in particular. After a while the girls didn’t even bother about me, but occupied both Concha, Maria del Carmen and Sonia 100%.

After a Spanish lunch at my favourite lunch restaurant in Europe we spent some time at the playground close by, before going back to the hotel to jump in the roof top pool and have glas of coke in the bar next to the pool. Today the pool was warmer and even Ilse could consider going in. Ebba-Stina has managed to become friends with the life guard and borrowed some floating devices (armpuffar) to swim on her own.

After a quick shower me met with Sonia at the restaurant next to the opera house for some tapas and some spins on the slide at the playground nearby (thank you Sonia, we had a great time all of us!)

Now it’s 10.30 and Ilse just fell asleep. Ebba-Stina is watching ….., no not Princess and the Frog.., but “Puss in Boots”! The movie about the cat in the second Shrek film with Antonio Banderas giving the voice. It is in English, but she has not commented that yet, although it is the third time in a row she sees it now! 🙂


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