Madrid Zoo and Night Train Without a Shower

It was 35 degrees at Madrid Zoo and although the where alot of trees offering shadow, both the animals and us where a bit slow. It is a very nice zoo in Madrid. However if you are an animal activist, educated by Lotta, some of the animals could have better lives. We felt particularly sorry for the eagles that where chained in the sun and the raindeers where a bit misplaced in the Spanish inland climate.

The buses (at least the one we where riding in to the zoo) in Madrid offers free wifi. Something for Västtrafik to consider in Gothenburg! In the evening we had ham again and it was fantastic. I’ll bring anyone from the Spanish office (or Gothenburg) to this place, that I don’t remember the name of, anytime. In particular the tomato bread that came along was absolutely fantastic. Ebba-Stina and I have developed our addiction to Spanish ham during this week and we have probably spent 150 Euro on ham only during the stay!

After a looong waiting period at the Chamartin station (daddy really wanted to be there on time), including a gay couple being “interrupted” by the station guards at the rest rooms during a diper change, the night train for Lisboa finally left! Ilse fell asleep after just some minutes while Ebba-Stina and I watched Ratatouille and ate candy until midnight (sååå mysigt).

The morning after I had breakfast with one small little shining sunbeam and one monster that had to go up way earlier than normal wake up time. It didn’t help that there were no shower on the train (I recommend to book a business class cabin), but after some tea, croissant and toast with butter also the monster started to transform into her charming self.

We had agreed with the Jufors family to meet for lunch in Lisboa and by lunch time (after about 200 questions about when “mommo” is coming) it was a smelly group that teamed up with Staffan and Monica.

After some Staffan Jufors (you have to experience it, it is very efficient) sightseeing up to the fortress we took the car back for a very well deserved shower, cold beer and a good sized steak! The girls where like cows that comes out of the barn after a long winter indoors (kor på grönbete). They didn’t miss daddy running after them yelling “stop” or “no” at the playgrounds in Madrid at all!

I was falling asleep to the Atlantic slowly eating up the Iberian peninsula and woke up to this view, not too bad…..


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