São Martinho do Porto

The Atlantic coast can bet unfriendly when it comes to swimming both for small children and grown ups. Just a 30 minute drive from the house of my parents in law there is a bay with virtually no waves and a small village called São Martinho do Porto.

We spent the day there on the beach, had lunch and an ice cream. It was really a perfect place and Ebba-Stina and I were swimming while Ilse kept a safety distance to the sea. The water temperature was more than acceptable for us Scandinavians, but we were quite lonely in the water. Now the skin on my shoulders is a bit red and sore, but norhing like the Brittish tourists we saw on the beach today…..

Tomorrow it is tee off already at 8.50, so now it is time to go to bed!


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One Response to São Martinho do Porto

  1. Lotta says:

    Vad härligt ni har det!!! Ser fram emot att bada där med er i sommar & kanske äta en glass eller två.

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