Golfe Jogado

Today Staffan and I had a nice round of golf. I’ll not disclose any results, but of course I was a good son in law and let him win….. Now I’ll practice until next time I get here and then I’ll beat him.

Monica and the girls where spending the day in the swimming pool and went to the nearby cafe for ice cream.

In the afternoon the girls and I went to Obidos. It is a very well preserved little town, protected by a medieval wall from which the view is magnificant. We were hanging out in the shadow, having mango milk shake and coffee.

Now we are waiting for the take away pizza and Ebba-Stina starts to get really impatient! My idea is that shell go to bed straight afterwards so I can watch one of the films in young Jufors’ library, but we’ll see… Maby I’ll watch Princess and the Frog tonight!?


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