Sweden’s National Day

Today it’s Sweden’s national day. The reason for that it is on the 6th of June is that Gustav Vasa was elected to be king in 1523 and a number of steps to create the Swedish constitution from
1809 to 1974.

As it has been a bit foggy and rainy we have been celebrating by going to the girls’ favourite play ground in Caldas da Rainha and for some shopping in the nearby shopping centre (probably that is why it is both their and grand mother’s favourite).

Monica took us to her favourite restaurant (stamhak), “Alibaba Kebab House” for lunch. It’s apparent that my wife loves it as well because Ebba-Stina told about all the times they have been there during our lunch (no wonder I won G√∂teborgsvarvet!)

After the heavy lunch we had to go back and spread out on the pillows in front of Tinkerbell (Ebba-Stina’s new favourite) and I watched the drizzle outside.

In the afternoon, the sun broke through and we took a walk to the local playground in our new dresses. It seemed fun although no shopping is available. I watched them with one eye open and relaxed in the grass at the same time. It is very a very masculine child care I know….

I waited too long with dinner today and now I sit totaly exhausted waiting for Ilse to fall asleep in her stroller. It’s like trying to bring two elephants through a ceramic store to be alone with the two small hungry and restless Bjuves in a house that is not “child secured”. For tomorrow I have to figure something out to exhaust them……

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