Surf’s Up

After a fantastic morning run on the beach, while my favourite mother in law took care of the girls, we went for flower picking….. Ok, not my favourite thing to do, but in some way I have to cover for mum when we left her behind!

After that we took turns with Ebba-Stina in the pool. She didn’t even leave it for pancake lunch. It was served pool-side! Even Ilse dared to get in today, but preferred bering pushed from one side to the other by dad and grandfather in the small boat.

In the afternoon the girls and I went to Baleal, some kilometers away to hang out with the surfers. I’t apparently one of THE surf spots in Europe. There were a lot of boys, girls, women, men… in black wet suits bobbing like ducks in the waves, waiting for the right one. It is really a surf spirit in Baleal. Like when you go to Chamonix. A lot of attitude and styling to look like you do this for life, although you’ve just left the desk for one week!

We decided that we’ll put mum in a surf class when we come back in July. I’ll take up my kite surf carreer instead (two lessons during our honey moon at Cabo Verde).

The evening was spent in Peniche, on the play ground and at our favourite restaurant (2nd visit) for some sardines and french fries. The small puppy next door to the restaurant, that we met in March, had grown quite significantly.

Now the girls sleep in their beds (correction Ebba-Stina watch Princess and The Frog on tje Ipad in bed) and I read my book on the balcony with one eye on the Atlantic!


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