Volvo Ocean Race

Today the 8th leg of The Volvo Ocean Race started in Lisbon and it was a very well arranged event, all the way from the village, the Volvo pavillion, the boat trip to the visability of the boats during the start. The start also was a really fine opportunity to get a good view over Lisbon. When you see it from the sea (or rather the river) you realise what a magnificent location the city has as well as how beautiful and big it is.

It was nice to meet some Penta collegues, both from the Spanish and the German offices that where here, taking good care of our customers. Unfortunately there was not much time for interaction with two exited blonds running running around, but it was great to see you all!

Both girls (and grown ups) enjoyed the day! They got VOR caps and Groupama flags to wave with, which was very fun. They served ham on the buffe on the boat so Ebba-Stina was really thrilled (OK, so was I). Ilse fell asleep right after the starting shot was fired, so daddy could follow the action in a good way!

Abudabi, managed to get their foresail in the water and lost distance immediately. However when the boats had rounded the mark upstream, Abudabi was back on third position after a successful route choice. Groupama, the over all leaders, where just managing to keep Sanya behind them when we lost sight of the boats and after two hours of sauling they were 6 nm behind Abudabi. Now it seems like the Telefonica is in the lead of a well gathered field.

It is really a thrill to follow the boats at the start. There is alot of tactics, energy and action and now Ilse sleep beside me, totally exhausted from all the impressions. I hope I’ve breeded their interest for sailing today, but hopefully not for sailors! 🙂


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