Força Suécia

Unfortunately it didn’t help that we were gearing up for the game tonight with some soccer. Possibly we were wearing the wrong colours….?

Today we have visited Alcobaça. A small town interspersed like an oasis in the green hills some kilometers east from Nazaré (another Surf spot, where a crazy Hawaian apparently surfed a record-breaking, 24m wave in November last year). In Alcobaça there is a magnificent monestary and in the church of the monestary are the tombs of King Pedro I and his murdered mistress Inês de Castro. It is a thrilling (or possibly distasteful) history around them and grandmother has told it to Ebba-Stina over and over again. It is hard to believe also for a grown up. Google it and read for yourselves!

Tonight is the last night in Portugal (for this time) and it will be nice to go home and meet my beloved wife again. Ebba-Stina is missing her friends and I think Ilse miss to just hang around without being constantly supervised (it might continue at home because her curiosity and creativity is without limit at the moment). I strongly believe the parents in law will enjoy the piece and quiet after we’ve left! 🙂

However, after some days on Pepita Street I’m sure at least I would like to hit the road again. I wouldn’t hesitate to go alone with the two blondes again (it’s true, they have more fun), although life is less without my brunette!


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