Brought Some Sunshine to Gothenburg

The girls really enjoy to be home. Ilse is playing with her toys and Enba-Stina was dancing into the kindergarten this morning.

We managed to bring some sunshine with us to Gothenburg. It’s not warm like at the Iberian peninsula, but it is very green and beautiful! Ilse, Edwin and I was downtown today and as Matteo noted in May, as soon as the sun is shining Swedes eat ice cream. It can be 10 degrees it doesn’t matter, so the ice cream stores were happy with the sunshine and so was everybody else enjoying their gelatos.

Tonight it Portugal vs Denmark and we watch it at Villan (OK, I watch and the three girls play) where everybody that has been forced to stay at Hotel 11 has had a beer or two. The girls wear their new team shirts and mum and dad do not have to prepare dinner!

Tomorrow it is summer party at kindergarten, so we hope that the good weather will stay for the compulsory picnic. After that the girls and I will hit the road again for my niece’s graduation from high shool on Friday.


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2 Responses to Brought Some Sunshine to Gothenburg

  1. Martin says:

    Dear Mr Bjuve,

    Welcome home. I really enjoyed following you and the girls trip on the Iberian peninsula. Will the girls wear their Portugal shirts tonight?


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