Another Day at The Play Ground

Today Ilse made a new record and let her sister and myself sleep until 9.15! Actually a little long with daddy’s preferences, while Ebba-Stina probably could have stayed asleep for another hour.

After brunch we made a small excursion to a nearby play ground with a ropeway. To daddy, it’s probably the most fun you could do on a play ground (I’m not very fond of play grounds – beach is much more fun). We probably did 40 rounds, all together, before we decided to go for the tunnel slide. There, the girls took another undefined number of rounds, while daddy watched the retired people walk their dogs in the sun. Quite relaxing I must say (and two month ago I probably would have felt stressed by just watching their slow pace)!

On the way back we discovered a newly opened Italian deli in the same building as Hotel 11! The best initiative in many years (since the Sushi opened) on this side of the river! Normally all empty facilities become occupied by hair dressers, beauty salons or (the worst) realtors. None of them contribute to a living neighborhood, but an Italian deli hopefully will! We will have lunch there on Thursday. Mummy has promised to cut loose from work and buy us all lunch and we look forward to it already! I’ve got a check question from Matteo today to evaluate “how Italian it is” and I will come back on the outcome!

I talked to Marc today (thank’s for the help Marc) and I understand that the first submission of the plan is close. Good luck everybody! If a plan is tricky under normal business conditions, it will not get easier this time. Good news is that Greece will have a government that is pepared to accept the demands from the Euro Zone. Bad news is that Spain need money to save their banks (Ilse couldn’t care less!)


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