First Time Since 1969…

… and still not worth anything! Except possibly some ratification for the national team. The European Championship is over for Sweden, despite the fact that we beat France for the first time in 43 years (Under Dogs, remember!) Sweden actually played very well and lined up chances and kept the defence very tight!

Edwin and I geared up for the game with a long run over 21k, in terrain. Now we both lie on our backs in our respective sofas with our sore paws in the air. It has been sunny, but windy in Gothenburg today (perfect wind from the sout west for sailing). In the forrest the wind was barely noticeble and the birds where singing wonderful to us the entire run! We met 10 other people and two dogs during 21k, only 6 tram stops from the central station…. Try that in Madrid, Milan, Paris,…

Ilse and I explored the summer sales today (probably more exciting in Madrid, Milan, Paris, …) and we came home with some clothes for daddy, but nothing for Ilse. She got Ebba-Stina’s old Swedish national team shirt instead, that is way too small for her already. She is equally happy anyway as daddy also has one but not Ebba-Stina! 🙂 It sure helped the national team that we put them on (we should have done it earlier)!

Once home from shopping, daddy added too much chili flakes to the fried potatoes, so we had to cool down with an ice cream. Ilse learned a new word, “starkt” = “spicy” and she’ll probably use it every meal from now on to get ice cream! 🙂


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