Mid Summer and Half Way

The day before “The Day”, during summer, for us Swedes the weather was fantastic and dinner was served outside. Before that we visited the Italian deli. They passed Matteo’s cheese test and the lunch was really nice. One can really tell that they want to make a good first impression and I can recommend anyone to go there. In the evening Portugal beat Czech Republic in the quarter final! What a perfect day! The local newspaper wrote that “Ronaldo saved Portugal”! I wonder if we watched the same game? Portugal played like a team and I can hardly wait for tomorrow night so the team can get some justice in the paper.

On Mid Summer the meteoroligsts hit their forecasts with 100% accuracy. By lunch time it started to drissle and it intensified during the afternoon and evening. We had to do our frog dance in the rain and the barbecue under a parasol to protect us from the open sky. We ignored the weather and had great fun anyway. If anyone has not tried it, volleyball in the rain is both fun and refreshing after a “herring lunch”.

On Sunday the entire family went to our summer house to visit my parents and some friends that has come down from the east coast for the summer. Italy had stronger nerves than UK and are now among the top four remaining to fight for the trophy. I assume Matteo has been a gentlemen and not been too hard on Graham!? The girls and I stayed with the mosquitos while Lotta went back to work on Monday morning. On Tuesday it rained from sunrise to evening, but Ebba-Stina played outside with her friend Simon the whole day. She only took a break to help daddy with the high preassure washer on the patio. Both girls (and Simon) look like they have small pots from all the mosquito bites. Today it has been a fantastic summer day and I didn’t see Ebba-Stina until dinner time. She is still dotted, but happy!

Tomorrow is a big day! Ebba-Stina, Ilse and I will go to Liseberg with the kindergarten mates (and their parents) in the afternoon. In the evening it’s the Iberian battle. Team shirts are washed and we just wait for Ronaldo to humiliate the red and yellow neighbors (and Göteborgsposten)

Now, I’m more than half way through the paternity leave and it feels like an eternity since I punched out. My password has expired since long and the intention was to not renew it. The other day I got a reminder letter that I have to order a new company car so I guess I have to call 67060 anyway to get it done! Now I’m going to do my sun dance before I go to bed (luckily, everybody else is already asleep) so we can do the roller coaster in sunshine tomorrow!


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