No Humiliation

I got a cople of texts from some Spanish collegues last night, that apparently read my blog. Portugal really lost on the finish line after a really fantastic first half. The strenghts didn’t last for keeping the high preassure up for the remaining of the game. Spain was worthy winners seen over 120 minutes!

Yesterday, Ebba-Stina’s kindergarten was invited by Stena (Stena Line, Stena Real Estate, etc.) to the opening of a new attraction at Liseberg. We had a great day with her good friend Tindra and her family. Grandmother was with us for a couple of hours and took some rides in the Fairy Tale Castle. The big event was Ebba-Stina’s premiere in Flume Ride. We have a picture from the steepest drop where you could read the fear, mixed with amusement, in our eyes! After that we also tried cotton candy (spunnet socker) for the first time and the girls got their worst suger rush ever! Ebba-Stina stayed up to watch the penalty kicks last night, probably “touching ground” after her trip… I had to explain all rules of football over and over again (off side is not as simple as one can imagine, nor is yellow cards) and which team that was Portugal probably 20 times. It was very confusing that her shirt was red and Portugal wore white!

Tomorrow it is the Jufors’ family annual golf tournament and I’ve just used all my bad shots on the driving range. I saved the good ones for tomorrow. Ilse is sleeping in her stroller, Edwin underneath in the shadow. My feets are dingeling over the river and the ducks stare at me from below wit a lot of expectation in their eyes (“sorry guys I’m not retired yet, only on paternity leave. You have to swim somewhere else!”). Sky is blue and the wind is mild, you should try this for yourself!


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