Beach Life

Today Ilse and I had the first day (at least a couple of hours) on the beach. We took the bus to “grandmothers beach” and made a sand castle, dug a hole and filled it with water, had strawberries for lunch and even dared to dip the toes in the water. Ilse is not much for swimming in anything else but the pool at the swim school, but today she was in to her knees! It seems like the weather will befine also tomorrow, so maybe we make a new try then!

We took the boat back to town. Ilse wanted to sit in my knee and steer, but she fell asleep after less than a nautical mile and woke up after we had arrived. I took an extra spin and cruised around for a while, enjoying the beautiful weather and the wind in my hair!

Lotta is out partying tonight, so the girls and I have brought some things down to the boat for the weekend trip. The plan was that they should fall asleep early, bu the last one closed her heavenly blue eyes an hour ago! Let’s hope they sleep long tomorrow….


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