Camping in the Dock of Eriksberg

Lotta has three days left before vacation so we had to leave the sunny Käringön yesterday, including leaving the children’s friends Oscar, Carl and Gustav behind. Ebba-Stina was a bit sad about this, so we promised her to sleep in the boat upon arrival at our home harbour. We had a really nice trip back in sunshine and flat water. Ebba-Stina fell asleep for an hour, while Ilse was standing, jumping, singing the whole way.

Tonight we slept in the boat, 500m from home (Tell me what one do not do for one’s kids). I believe Lotta and Edwin thought it was most strange. Lotta missed her shower and Edwin his own sofa, while the girls and I enjoyed the moment to stretch the vacation feeling. Now I only have one sleeping beautie beside me (she’s laughing in her sleep, so I guess she’s a happening child). The second one has gone home for a shower and breakfast (with her precious morning paper) and the third one will dream about her friends at Käringön for another hour or so in the aft cabin. I listen to the “clucking sound” from the water against the hull and how the construction workers on the houses around the dock slowly start working again after the weekend. The sun is sending beams, reflected from the water, into the roof. It’s a relaxing feeling (at least the clucking)!

The girls and I have no plans for today. Maybe we just let go of the ropes after breakfast and go to a nearby beach!?


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