Age Has Nothing To Do With It

Today we have had a lazy vacation day. The girls have been playing in the inflatable pool at grandmother’s terrace, while Lotta and I have worked on the tan in the sun beds.

In the evening we visited our friends Fia and Tomas (Fia grew up in the same town as I). Tomas is a dedicated amateur chef, with a dedication for creating very complicated (and absolutely fantastic) dishes. He claims that he is in “a back to basic phase”, but we didn’t see any signs of that today!

Gustav and Elin, their children, had a trampolin in the back yard. Ebba-Stina is dreaming of a trampolin, but our garden is too small (some parents lie about allergy and we about garden size). The children took turns jumping, but after a while the que grew longer. Age is not a factor when it comes to having fun in a trampolin.


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