Christer Berntsson

Another windy and grey day in Gothenburg. We slept long and then we went to the Kid’s Zoo in Slottsskogen, the big park in Gothenburg. Ebba-Stina (and the rest of the family) waited for an hour for a 5 minutes (or even less) ride on one of the ponies. A big step for her, but a small one for man kind.

This evening the boys had a “boys night” with sea food in the boat in the dock of Eriksberg. The plan was to play beach volley first but the weather gods prevented that. However, when our dear friend Christer participates, no one knows what will happen…. We ended up with an evening ride in the archipelago and after that a club night that ended (for Jonas and me) at Puta Madre (not that kind of place that the name suggests)! When writing, Christer is still clubing, Jonas is sleeping in the boat (still in the harbour of Eriksberg) and I blog with one eye closed from the sofa, listening to the rain outside! Edwin sleeps in the chair next to me, not the single interested in an evening walk.

Tomorrow, we’ll go to a concert with the world famous band (at least in Sweden) Kent, in another park in Gothenburg, called Trädgårdföreningen. Let’s hope the weather gods are with us then! The meteorologists have a really bad track record, so far, this summer. The forecast accuracy is not even close to the controllers in Region Europe!


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