The Things You Do For Love

Kent got 4 light houses (out of 5) from the local news paper last night. From me they got 3. They have a lot of good songs, but lack that feeling when they play live. The concert ended 23.00 and then a beer and some after talk with our friends Tommy and Anna and it was 01.00 before we went to bed.

At 05.15, the alarm went off to leave for Gammelkroppa in Värmland. It’s approximately 300k north of Gothenburg, on a really poor road, filled with speed cameras. It was 7 years ago Edwin participated in his last dog show. Now he is a veteran and Lotta and the breeder decided that he should go up once again. His career was never successful and he never liked shows, what so ever.

Dog shows is an interesting phenomena. Always in the middle of nowhere (rave parties are arranged centrally in comparison). A small “Mount Everest base camp like village” is built up just for one day, around a square area called “ring” (circle) like in boxing (comparison ends there). We have no tent with us, but if you have (or want to have) the least importance, you need to have a tent with some brand of pet food printed on it. In the tent there are beach chairs, tables, coolboxes and a cage for the dogs (no one, except us, bring one dog – you need to have a small herd) and god knows the rest of the equpiment for brushing, etc.

A referee, normally an old gentlemen (preferably in tweed) is flown over from UK and brought to this remote location. In the drissle, among mosquitos and other bugs, owners and breeders (not seldom in business like clothing) present their dogs to the brittish gentlemen. The competition is dead serious and the clusters of breeders and the owners of the dogs from their respective kennels are clear even to an outsider. The gossip, both about the dogs and the people around them, seems to be half of the fun. How the referee can tell the differance between all the dogs is still a mystery to me. They all look very beautiful, but similar in my eyes!

Edwin ended up on fourth place out of eight dogs in his group, which was OK (he beat his own brother). He actually seemed to like the day! Lotta loved it and to Ebba-Stina it was a big thrill. She did her first appearance in the ring, encouraged by our breeder (she has a new batch of puppies at home). Together with Edwin, she participated in a class for young handlers up to ten years old. They came on second place, out of two… She had real fun though and the best of all was the huge bag with candy and toys for her and Edwin that they got as a prize.

Tonight we stay over with our friends Annika and Madeleine and tomorrow we’ll visit our breeder and her five weeks old puppies. Lotta claim we will not have any new dog, at the moment… She has that peculiar look in her face when she tells it, so we’ll see tomorrow? I can clearly read the thoughts of the breeder and she is a good sales woman with uggly methods, using our children in the process! 🙂 The arguments used on me is that the small beige little fellow she has unsold “does not seem to have the right qualities to be a show dog…..” I’ll invite her as a guest speaker on our next sales training!


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