Absolutely Irresistible

Yesterday we met the five small puppies at the house of our breeder. When we came they all slept in a small pile of skin and legs moving somewhat from dreaming. After a while they started to wake up and bite each others ears, our fingers and everything that came in their way.

Ebba-Stina was reluctantly impressed, while Ilse was more interested, but tried to handle them a bit like her teddy bears at home. I melted totally and could have grabbed any of them, but in particular the little beige one on top in the picture (“with the overbite that will make him unsuccessful in the ring”) and run to the car, if Lotta would have just suggested it. Lotta seemed very neutral and it was not until we went to bed that the “puppy addiction” came over her. I believe she’ll struggle with emotions and what is rational for the coming days.

I fell in love twice yesterday. The second “object” was not as cute, but rather a bit raw. Ebba-Stina was actually more interested in the 4×4 than the puppies, so don’t be surprised if you see one on my parking lot in the autumn!

Today, Andreas (my handy mate) and I will start taking all the measures for the gate project. That will be fun! Diana, Lotta and the children will go to Slottsskogen, so I believe everybody are happy!



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