May The Force Be With Us

Like “Jedi Handy Mans, equipped with laser tools and all other possible measurements, Andreas and I spent some six hours to do the drawings for our gates in front of our house.

Our dear wifes could simply not understand how two men can spend so
much time on a metal construction that is only 403 cm long in total (they would have expected an Eiffel Tower with so much “leisure time”). May the force be with us to prove that it was time well spent!

The black smith has promised to work over vacation, following our drawings to finalise this piece of art. The inauguration will be celebrated with Champagne, somewhere end of August. If everything goes as planned….. We’ll pull some strings to have Martin Timell (Sweden’s most well known “Do It Your Selfer”) there to honour the ceremony!


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2 Responses to May The Force Be With Us

  1. Martin says:

    If Timell cant make it, theres an other Martin interested in coming an drinking champange… Good luck with the project!

    • bjuve says:

      Well, Timell is booked on a bingo night in Carlottenberg and has difficulties to re-schedule… The other Martin is handy too and has some star glance so he’s definitely invited!

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