Sailing Again

Well, sailing in the broader sence at least…. Tonight we’re staying over at Dyrön (Deer Island with local Swedish dialect). It’s just a couple of nautical miles to the north east of Marstrand and half a nautical mile east of Åstol. On Åstol they have a smal restaurant with smoked shrimps if anyone has been there. On Dyrön there is a fantastic hiking trail, wild Mufflon sheeps an a fantastic public sauna with a view over Mastrand and the Marstrand Fjord. If anyone is interested we can see if we can use a Targa at Krossholmen in September and go up here for an afternoon sauna.

For tomorrow, the meteorologists promise fairly good weather. We hope for a morning swim and then cruise up to Lysekil to visit our friends Petter and Madeleine that resides there summer time and at Eriksberg the rest of the year.

On Monday it’s the annual gathering at Käringön (Bitch Island) so we’ll go there already on Sunday to catch the morning outdoor aerobics at 9 on Monday. Then we’ll play some tennis (at least pretend to as the will exceeds the skill, by far…) before freshening up for a dinner at the best “sail in” restaurant on the Swedish west coast. It’s called Petersons Krog and absolutely worth a visit. They are open and fully booked all year around, so make a reservation.


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