Engagement Celebration at Brandskär

Today it is 7 years ago that I dropped down on my knees in the sunset on a beach in Vietnam and asked Lotta if she wanted to merry me. It was an awfully long beach and she is really fast, but luckily she said yes (as we had another 4 weeks of traveling together it was even more luck!)! Lotta is as beautiful (or even more) as she was 7 years ago and my soul mate. She’s getting older though. She got lumbago this morning from lifting Ebba-Stina during the morning swim so she’s on pain killers! 🙂

We celebrated with Champage and fresh shrimps, followed by entrecote and Portugese wine, at Brandskär ( “Rocks on Fire” – I have to investigate the meaning) together with our friends Petter and Madeleine that came out with their MS 20 (MD5B installed by Drevia some years ago) from Lysekil. It has been one of the first really fine evenings in weeks with sunshine and not to much wind.

There is a bunch of good friends out here and the children are having really fun. Now they sleep (the children), exhausted, in their bed. Tomorrow we head for Käringön again!

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