After a fantastic boat trip with a magnificent dinner at Petersons we went with full throttle back to Gothenburg and re-packed for Portugal. We’re here since Wednesday and for everybody in the rain back in Gothenburg we can tell that we have absolutely fantastic weather! Not too hot, not too cold, no rain, some light clouds here and there.

We have had tome for some beach life, golf, barbecues, morning runs, summer party, …. and yesterday we did something we’ve wanted to do for a while. We took a day trip to Berlengas, a group of islands some 5-6 Nm off the harbour of Peniche. Visitors (aparently 300 per day) are only allowed on the main island. Once there you are only allowed to follow marked trails. The rest of the space is dedicated for nesting birds and the islands are full of them.

If you google Berlenga you can read the interesting history for yourselves, but the scenery is absolutely magnificant. The fortress on the picture is an old monestary, but the monks gave it up due to too frequent visits of Spanish and English pirates.

The entire Bjuve family actually look like English pirates, so today we will all have a hair cut by Monica’s Dutch hair dresser, Jeff. Don’t be surprised if my hair look like Victor Muller’s (no other similarities) once back in the office.


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