Slalom at Tribeca

Tonight we went to a very nice restaurant in the nearby village, Serra d’El Rey. It’s called Tribeca and they serve both very nice sea food and meat. Ebba-Stina always have Clams and Creme Brulee when we go there and this time we managed to convince her to squeze in some Pasta Bolognese in between. Now she sleeps like a stuffed pig. Ilse met a Portuguise girl and they were running slalom between the waiters (they were quite amused by them). I tried to gather the girls around the fish tank with giant lobsters and crabs, but it only worked a minute or two, then they were back at the slalom again.

Lotta and I had grilled Bacalhau (dried and salted cod) . It was my second attempt and it was much better than the first one. Lotta was not very impressed and it has a very special taste where salt and umami strikes through.

Tomorrow the Bjuve family leave Praia d’El Rey for Porto. We will stay there for three days and learn all about Port wine and the night life (read explore the play grounds of Porto).


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