Medevial Festival in Obidos

We’re back in Praia d’El Rey since some days, after our visit to Porto. Porto is really worth a visit. It’s obvious that Portugal is in recession and has been so for a while, when you visit Porto. A lot of abandoned houses in the centre of the historical area Ribeira. Still the scenery and ambience is fantastic and the shopping opportunities are unlimited and at a good price level (we’ll be charged for the extra wheigt on the way home). We didn’t try any port wine, nor did we visit any play grounds. Port wine is everywhere and all the brands are very visible on the old ware houses on the southern bank of the river Douro, but we are not really into port wine. Play grounds we didn’t find any, but we went by yellow sight seeing buses which is almost equally fun!

Since coming back, I’ve won over Lotta in golf and spent the days on the beach. Ebba-Stina is a bit reluctant to the surfing after getting under the water in a breaking wave, but she is gradually coming up on the board again. Yesterday we went to the Beach in Baleal and it was totally crowded. You had to go zig zag between Portugeese families to get to the water. Still, we probably go back today to watch the surfers.

Last night we went to the medevial town/castle, Obidos, where there is a medevial festival going on. If you dress up in medevial clothing (can be rented on site), which many visitors do, you get free admission. Ebba-Stina dressed up like a princess and then we watched the knights duell both on horses and by foot, which was a big, big thrill. It was a very well produced show, where the knights even used lances to try to push eachother out of the saddles. The entire festival really had a genuine touch. No plastic cups with draught lager, no langos or stands with Chineese bling bling. Meat was grilled over open fires, wine and beer served in ceramic cups, and in all the stands local art or producs where sold. The girls where up untIl midnight to watch the games, belly dancers and all the dressed up people.

As soon as the mist has vanished we’ll hit the beach, so I better pack the bags…


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