Salmon Fishing in TheYemen

Today the girls and I went down town for The Cultural Party. For me the big experience was the Australian sword-swallower. Ebba-Stina thought he talked too much, but was hiding behind me when he did his trick. She enjoyed the pink coloured braiding she got in her hair, jumping in the inflated tent and the fish pond with candy and fake tatoos (the last part a bit scary). Ilse was all sleepy once we got there so she started to cry in the carrousel. Maybe we make a second attempt tomorrow?

We have started the interesting (in the Brittish sense) project to turn the girls back on Swedish time and “non vacation hours” at the same time. The neigbours across the street was somewhat frustrated over that the kids suddenly started to sleep until 07.15 once they have started to work. I had to wake our beauties up at 9 so we shouldn’t have such a hazzle in the evening about going to bed. We got a big hazzle anyway, so tonight I had to promise Lotta to wake them up at 8 tomorrow (I hope I wake up myself to do it)!

We had decided for a film night in front of the television, but nothing was on, so Lotta went down to the DVD rental. She came back with “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”, with Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas, etc. (all of them brilliant). It’s an English film, directed by Lasse Hallström (Swedish guy with films like “Gilbert Grape” and “Chocolat”). A romantic comedy (I gave “Hunger Games” as a suggestion when she asked for what I wanted), but at least not American with Jenifer Aniston. I must admit it was a good “feel good film”. Close to Hugh Grant style, but better (must be the Swedish influences) and with good humour (English humour). I give it 5 out of 6 cylinders. If they’d made it 20 minutes longer and spent that on the fish and the fishing, I could have ignited the 6th cylinder as well. Now the love story got somewhat too much space.

Tomorrow it’s either Grand Mothers Beach or back to The Cultural Party. It depends on the weather, but we seemed to bring the high preassure with us from Portugal yesterday so we hope for the beach!


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