Rörö With The Berntssons

Yesterday was the birthday of young Jufors, so we got some nice steaks and cold beer. The children do really have fun together so it was “two sleeping sand bags” that we carried down to the boat in the evening. We slept in the boat and let the ropes go quite early this morning to team up with our friends Emma and Christer at Rörö. Rörö used to be THE place for us for some years as it is a nice sailing trip from Gothenburg, if you have more barbecue- than sailing ambitions. It’s an island in the nothern archipelago of Gothenburg, with a fantastic nature on the west side and a very well protected harbour facing the south east. The only negative thing is that the guest harbour is quite big, so it is not so picturesque. The kids love it though, so we still go here now and then. There is a fantastic hiking trail on the west side, over the stony beach with the horizon as company. Today, the sea was flat, but on a windy autumn day it is a magnificent scenery. You do not want to get an engine failure out there.

The children started off with crab fishing, but after dinner, with barbecued marsmallows pumping sugar into their veines, they decided to take a sim with their clothes and life jackets on (which was lucky in a way). They all ended up in a hot shower, happy but a bit cold. Now we have soaking clothes hanging all over the boat and two sleeping beauties in the aft. I assume the Berntsson kids also sleep well down in Osprey. We had a typical Swedish summer dinner. Typical in the sense that the will to dine outside overcomes the obstacles, in terms of tempetature and precipitation, to do so. It was a quite mild evening, but at one point I had the umbrella up to protect us and the sea food from getting moisty from the drissle.

Tomorrow we head back early to Gothenburg for a children’s party at the neighbours. I will use the time for cleaning around the house. We have had the house re-painted due to “default from manufacture” and the garden looks like a war zone. The result on the house seems OK, but it is remarkable how the guys and girls have managed to mess it up around them. The system with contractors and different sub-suppliers is really a poor model. I wonder for how long it will continue until the pendulum strikes back and sound entrepeneurs realise the financial benefit of taking a total ownership. To do it right from the beginning and avoid “after market costs” must be the biggest potential for increasing profit in the housing construction industry. If we let Anders Nilsson dig around in the hidden after market cost of the contractor (I will not disclose the name of the company, but it is owned by the city of Gothenburg) for some month I believe they would take some serious measures.


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