5 Years Celebrations

Today it is Ebba-Stina’s fifth birthday. The celebrations are not far off a wedding in India when it comes to the number of days of receptions and the number of gifts (grand mother is involved). We started already on Friday last week with grand parents and relatives and continued with a small family celebration on Saturday, when we went to the piercing studio to do the holes in the ear lobes she has been longing for since Lotta did her in April. We took a small break on Sunday, but continued today with a short boat ride and ice cream, followed by thai take away in front of a Barbie film (everything according to the wishes of the small princess herself). On sunday the kids party will take place. I asked Stefan if I could start on Tuesday next week to recover, but he didn’t approve… Maybe I have to invite him to the party for him to experience it!?

Today was also Ilse’s first day at kindergarten. Lotta was with her during the full day (three hours) and it seems like Ilse enjoyed it while Lotta is not looking forward to leave her there. The first day we shall leave Ilse I’ll be the one to do it, which is probably for the best! Ebba-Stina went on her new, pink kick-bike (birthday gift) to kinder garten. “It is much faster than the old one, but mother showed me how to break!”. Now Ilse will inherit the old, slow one and I guess the consumption of “princess band aids” will go up in the coming period, but knees are there to be scrubbed I guess!

Today has working day for daddy as well. Plan meeting at Hotel 11 with a view over the inner harbour of Gothenburg. It is end of August and the weather has been absolutely brilliant, but the only movements on the water are Marine Commercial. With that scenery in the back ground it was really pleasing to hear that the commercial segment is prioritised again. We’ll all learn about them, but we have five KFAs (Key Focus Areas) in the company now and growing the Marine Commercial business is one (Congratulations all MC lovers!) It was great to be back, not only to meet all the people again, but also to start to dig in to all the challenges we have. When you step out of it for a while and come back, you view things with “slightly different eyes” and that is inspiring in it self.


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